Finding the right setting for a high school senior photo session is an important part of the process for me. This is their time to shine and the location needs to fit with their own personal vibe and style. Sometimes that's a grassy field with wildflowers, or a river overlooking the mountains. Other times it's more steampunk or urban. One of my favorite places in Seattle for that more gritty, industrial setting is the Georgetown neighborhood. Georgetown is one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods and has a really distinct feel to it. There are interesting colors and textures on murals and graffiti, Georgetown Records, and old brick factories and buildings like the Seattle Brewing Company.

Fun fact: Hops grew well in King County's valleys and there was a large population of Germans and Belgians in the community and work force. The Seattle Brewing and Malting Company was built in 1883 and became the world's sixth largest brewery. It was the origin of Rainier Beer. (Source)

Top Tips:

  • Always scout the location several days before a session to make sure the area is still feeling safe and appropriate. We stayed in the main areas and felt very comfortable walking around.
  • There are plenty of bathrooms and restaurant options
  • The super friendly staff at Georgetown Records were kind enough to allow us to take some images inside as well. Perfect spot for any music lovers!
  • Golden Hour timing can be very tricky there due to the tall buildings so you have to be okay with that challenge. Too early and the light is harsh in some areas - too late and it's pretty dark in a lot of alleys blocked from the sun.
  • For extra fun and quirky, on weekends there is also the Trailer Park Mall which is a local flea market
keep your eyes open for...


One of my favorite techniques for street photography or urban portraits is using reflections. Sometimes this is in car or building windows, but during Mason's senior session we got super lucky to see this giant puddle right near the graffiti wall!

Georgetown records

A visit to Georgetown isn't complete without a stop at the ultra retro Georgetown Records store. Knowing Mason was a musician, I knew we wanted to take some images there and I inquired with the staff ahead of time. They were very welcoming and fine with us taking senior portraits there.

photos with mom

I always try to get a few images of the senior with their parent. Amy did a great job of getting Mason to laugh and be himself and it was so sweet to see their bond.