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I believe Babies are perfect just as they are ... relaxed in your arms

As the daughter of a mid-wife, I grew up around pregnant mamas and babies all the time. My in-home newborn sessions are super relaxed and center around the needs of you and the baby. I'll join you in your home for about 2 hours, where you'll just snuggle and love on your little one. No artificial posing or over-the-top props. We'll take plenty of breaks for feeding and changing, and let the baby do what babies do.

The recommended timing for newborn photos is the first 5-12 days if you want to capture them at their most tiny and sleepy, but we can capture your baby at any stage. We'll pencil in an estimated date when you schedule your session, knowing it may change. We can also schedule milestone sessions to capture key moments during those first years.

I also offer 1st Year Portrait Memberships for 2-4 sessions in an 18-month period for new parents. Cross this off your to-do list so you don't miss any big moments. I'll send helpful reminders around popular milestones in baby's first year such as 6-month sitter sessions, 1-year birthday, and holidays.

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We love each and every one!
You weren't kidding about needing a box of tissues. "
WOW. "


—Tennesse Williams

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