I knew when Abigail scheduled a headshot session for an upcoming audition that we were going to have some fun, and we certainly did! Abby is a theatre major with a minor in dance working on her BA at the U of Hawaii. She has been acting and dancing most of her life so she knows how to collaborate, take direction and bring ALL the emotions! This talented young actress is also a competitive ballroom dancer and hopes to be on Broadway one day.


Headshots are like portraits with a work ethic - they're here to get the job done! So when a client comes to me for headshots we always dive first into the goal for these images, how they'll be used, and the impression they want to make. Casting directors want the focus to be on you so we keep the background simple and not distracting. The lighting and styling are all designed to bring the focus to the actor. Abigail has absolutely scroll-stopping eyes and smile so we wanted to make sure viewers really connected with her gaze.

Abby now has some a lot of images to choose from depending on the roles she's auditioning for. We included a mix of more girl-next-door, bright & airy images with some darker more edgy ones to give her plenty of variety.

Creating one-of-a-kind imagery with Lensbaby Lenses

After we've taken the more standard shots needed for a casting director, I like to also leave time to use vintage and Lensbaby lenses with my clients. These are manual lenses with unique characteristics that create one-of-a-kind images. We had music playing during the whole session and Abby had fun shaking her head and giving me different expressions. Did I mention how much I love working with actors?!

Capturing Connections

And finally, whenever I'm working with young adults and their parents come to help at the session, I always love including a few of them together whenever possible, because, why not? As the mom of two girls, I cherish these moments of connection.